Nicaragua Selva Honey Process

Same Nicaragua Matagalpa Estate farm direct coffee, 2011 crop. A small portion of the crop was processed pulped natural (honey processed). The bag says, "Premium" on it in large letters, and I couldn't agree more.

After a year of asking, I finally talked them into selling me one bag of it. And as far as I can find, I was lucky to get that much. I can't find where any other roaster or broker or green bean seller has gotten their hands on this bean before. No one else sells it either roasted nor unroasted. So...enjoy it while it lasts.

A few years ago Boot Coffee put out a very nice guide on how to roast honey processed coffee. The process makes it react as though it is a soft bean, so don't overheat it up front or you'll scorch it. You can view their recommendation roasting curve here