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Central American

Nicaragua Nuevo Segovia

Nicaragua Nuevo Segovia

So the most common regions for growing coffee in Nicaragua are Matagalpa and Jinotega, and we usually have one or the other in stock, and they are fairly interchangable for all purposes. Nuevo Segovia is a region in the northwest, bordering Honduras. Only 13% of coffee production comes from this region, but it is respected and sought out on the coffee market.

It is a fair trade organic certified co-op coffee, and also shade-grown certified. If you’re not familiar with Nicaraguan coffees, here’s the rundown: surprisingly low acidity for a Central American coffee, subtle undertones of creamy walnut, sweet and pleasant flavor, with a clean sweet aftertaste.

This makes it a fantastic choice for adding flavoring to. Roast the bean just to the end of the 1st cracks, around 400 degrees, and add the flavoring of your choice.

It’s also a bean that will appeal to just about any coffee drinker because there’s no biting acidity, earthiness, or complex tastes that may turn off certain people. For a single origin brew, choose your personal preference of anywhere from a Full City (407 degrees?) up to a Full City+ (418 degrees?)

Because it’s a high-altitude washed process coffee, it’s an excellent choice for French Roast, and you can take it a good 50 seconds into rolling second cracks, to around 444 degrees.

USA arrival April 2023

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