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Central American

Nicaragua Anaerobic

Nicaragua Anaerobic

Finca Los Papales is located in the Jinotoega region of Nicaragua, run by the Angelina Lopez family for more than a century.

The coffee is best as a light or medium roast. It's a washed coffee, which underwent anaerobic fermentation which giving it an extra edgyness in its flavor and complexity.

I'm roasting this to around 402 degrees bean temperature, which with our calibration puts it about a degree darker than a natural process Ethiopian coffee. We get floral notes, some lavender, almost tingly like a dandelion. Hints of cherry and grapefruit. A little cinnamon at the finish. I'm almost tasting it better after swallowing. Somehow it comes to life after you have already drunk it. 

There’s a little acidity, not really any earthy or fermented tastes, and it's an overall nice coffee -- albeit hard to describe.

US Arrival October 2023

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