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Central American

Mexico Huatusco Fermentation

Mexico Huatusco Fermentation

This strictly high grown lot of beans from Huatusco at the La Loja Estate have been introduced to fermentation yeast while being dried, which is supposed to cause fruity and sweet flavors to emerge from the coffee. It's a new experimental process that I've seen starting to happen on a few farms, but they're still figuring it out. In this batch, they didn't really get any fruit tones, but they did end up making a really sweet, mellow, nutty, chocolate classical Mexican coffee.  We are roasting it pretty much like any Mexican coffee, but it's pretty flexible. If you take it short of the second cracks you get a lot of mellow nuttiness. Right at second cracks you get chocolate with nut. And a few degrees into the 2nd cracks you get chocolate instead of nut. All are nice, but I like the balance of the flavors, so I've been roasting it just barely at 2nd cracks.

Other than that, there's nothing tricky about roasting this bean. It looks and behaves pretty normal and has been fun to play with and drink.

US Arrival October 2020


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