Mexican Estate Honey Process

Really rare find! This strictly high grown lot of FTO beans from Chiapas have been carefully honey processed, which tones down the brightness and creates a soft, nutty, sweet, creamy mug of coffee.

Mexican coffee is not a favorite around here. The really nice ones, sure, they're great, but they come at a hefty price. The inexpensive ones -- ugh, too bright, too harsh, too nutty. Just can't stand behind it. So we don't give them much attention. But a honey processed Mexican! That was worth sampling, you don't see that too often. Now being honey-processed, you will want to be careful not to scorch it. The bean is pretty fragile, and a dark roast will burn the sugars and make an unpleasant coffee. However, with that said, I do find that the sweet spot on this one is about 5 degrees darker than the Honey Processed Costa Ricans and El Salvadors, and the bean does seem to be somewhat hardier and dense than most Honey Processed beans. Very easy to drink. We enjoy the soft mouthfeel, almost buttery. A creamy feeling, a peanut butter taste, an overall sweetness. If you like Mexican coffee, don't miss this one. Came into the US June 2014