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Matcha Powder is the actual tea leaf ground up -- pulverized really -- and intended to be ingested. You can make tea out of it, generally starting with warm milk and whisking the matcha powder in. But Matcha Powder is the ingredient that you need in baking to make green tea cupcakes, green tea cookies, green tea milkshakes, ice cream, etc. It is a great ingredient to have on hand. Matcha is quite a bit healthier for you than drinking green tea, because with Matcha you are consuming the entire tea leaf, not just soaking the leaf in water. Never mix matcha with boiling or near boiling water, as it will ruin the taste and make it very bitter.

Tasting Notes: Green Grass, Hint of the Ocean

Brewing Suggestion: 1/2 Tsp of matcha in 5 ounce bowl. Fill with 170 degree water. Whisk for 30 seconds. Sweetener: Add 1 TSP of sugar and a splash of cream.

Approximately 15 tsp in a 1 ounce package.