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Kenya Kangurumai AA

Kenya Kangurumai AA

This coffee was processed at the Kangurumai Mill in typical Kenya fashion. It was grown by the Kahuhia Coffee Grower's Co-op in the Muranga growing region. After a lot of disappointing Kenya samples last season (we kept tasting tomatoes, basil, herbs, other savory flavors), Kenya seems to be back to its old self this year, and we are excited about that. This one was discovered and imported by La Minita, which have a reputation of finding some real gems.

This one has almost a pineapple acidity and a hibiscus tartness and just general citrus flavor. Very crisp and clean and a lingering finish. We roast it one degree darker than the Kigutha, because in lighter roasts it can be more like a tart tangerine and is a little intense with the acidity, whereas if you give it an extra degree, you get sweeter and softer hibiscus. It has all the layers of complexity, the bright acidity, and the full body that you would hope for from a high end Kenya.

I'm roasting it maybe 30 seconds past 1st cracks on a drum roaster. 404 degrees bean temp on our readout. It grabs your attention the whole way through the mug.

You lose complexity and pick up bitterness as a medium roast, but it does hold up adequately as a dark roast, I would give it 15 seconds into the rolling 2nd cracks for a sweet french roast.

US Arrival June 2022

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