Kenya Kirimiri Peaberry

Kenya Kirimiri Peaberry

Kirimiri is a co-op of about 900 members at a 4500 foot altitude. This is a lot of only SL-28 varietal beans which makes it extra special. 

This one is also a peaberry lot, which allegedly  has more flavor than flatbeans. Only 5% of Kenya’s crop is peaberry.

So how does it taste? Well the bright berries are what won us over on this one. We usually go for Kenyans that are either winey/black currant, or else have a peach/apricot overtone. And this one is more like raspberry and orange and a bright beginning and a sweet finish. Just the right amount of brightness – it’s there and it's zingy, but it doesn’t distract from the taste. Just the right amount of aftertaste. It lingers, but not in a dirty or unpleasant way.

Peaberries have less audible cracks, so it's harder to use audible cues to know where the roast is at.

But at about 15 seconds past the end of the 1st cracks, the coffee is probably at its sweet spot for most coffee hobbyists: bright and sweet, most interesting in a french press which smooths it down and pulls out complexity of peaches, citrus, black tea, and floral tones.

Just for something different we have been taking it 20 seconds into the 2nd cracks. The acidity is toned down, so it is a lot smoother. There is still a raspberry syrup "juiciness" to the coffee, with mineral notes. This is a nice level for drip coffee and a really nice option for people who want to try a new dark roast option.

US Arrival: June 2020

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