Kenya Thunguri

Kenya Thunguri

Trying to find a Kenya worth the money is not easy.  It’s often considered the best coffee origin in the world, and when you find a good one, it really is.  But all Kenya coffee is very expensive, so a really good Kenya is not good enough.  I can’t justify the price unless it’s an AWESOME Kenya.  So with that said, after rejecting over a dozen recommended Kenya samples over the past couple months, I’ve found a winner.

It’s a blend of the famous SL-28, and the SL-34 varietals — the two varietals that have made Kenya loved around the world. Thunguri is the mill that processes the coffee.  The coffee was grown by a co-op known as Rumukia FCS

A few degrees difference higher or lower at the end of the roast can make a difference in taste.  I'm aiming for 20 seconds past the end of the first cracks, which is 399 bean temperature on my roaster.  If it comes out sour, give it a few more seconds next time.  If it comes out bitter, back it up a few seconds next time.  It may take a few roasts to nail it, but it’s worth it when you do!

Rich complexity (cherry, honey, mild citrus, mild berry), sweet, juicy, medium body, high brightness lively acidity, and sweet lingering aftertaste with no earthiness.  Too accentuate the acidity, speed up the roast between 300 degrees and first cracks.  Too mellow out the acidity, draw out the length of time of that portion of the roast.

US Arrival September 2017

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