Kenya Oaklands

Kenya Oaklands

Oaklands Estate is a large estate with a variety of lots available for sale each season, each lot with its own unique tastes. This lot of large AA beans is packed in a grainpro bag at the mill for absolute freshness. The estate grows only SL-28 and SL-34 varietals which are the two varietals you want in a Kenya for the classic "currant" "red wine" and "blackberry" characteristics Kenya is famous for.

This is a fairly forgiving bean to roast, as you can use a variety of roasting curves and ending temperatures and still get a nice result. Although it does make a nice French Roast, I usually keep this one light. What I try for is slightly more than a City roast, but not quite a Full City roast. This is a coffee with a lot of layers of flavor complexity. It's smoother and sweeter than many Kenyas, and you may notice flashes of flavor that include grape jam, blackberry, red wine, and citrus. It is a sophisticated and wonderful mug of coffee.

US Arrival May 2024

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