Kenya Ndimaini

Ndimaini is a settlement in the center of Kenya. This harvest of their coffee is overseen by the Nyeri umbrella, which is an organization in Kenya similar to Fair Trade. These are the AB beans which are only slightly smaller than the AA, and they are very well sorted and very clean.

The importer scored this coffee at 89 points, and that's a fair score. It's really nice coffee, especially for the price. I was serving this coffee side by side with the Kigutha AA yesterday, and the Ndimaini outsold the Kigutha 4 to 1. (although in all fairness, I am scoring the Kigutha at 91.5. It has more layers of flavor and nicer mouthfeel. I prefer drinking Kigutha, but the initial tartness in the Kigutha was probably catching customers off guard..) Anyway, we are roasting this as we do most Kenyan coffees -- taking it to a City roast, about 15 seconds past the end of the 1st cracks. You can roast it darker to make it more mellow and sweet, but you start losing complexity. You aren't going to "burn" it though. You can take a Kenya like this up to a French Roast and it still holds on to its sweetness and body.

The prominent tastes in this Kenya are orange, dark chocolate, and toasted coconut. If you dig deeper, you may notice floral, honey, paypaya, and herbal undertones. Overall the coffee is sweet, has a pleasant acidity, and thick body. US arrival July 2015