Kenya Kiandu AB

Kenya Kiandu AB

This is from the Kiandu wet mill processor in Nyeri which processes coffee for five surrounding villages. They are the SL-28 and SL-34 varietal beans.

We're giving it less heat at the beginning of the roast so that we hit 300 degrees a little late (more like 6 and a half minutes), and then giving it enough heat to get it to still get to first cracks at 12 minutes, and finish the roast right at 15 minutes. This seems to give it a nice acidity, tingling and mesmerizing you with red wine, chocolate, and lime. It's less acidic and more savory than the other Kenya beans that we have in stock. I like it best as it cools slightly, and both the aroma and aftertaste are sure to make you smile. 

US Arrival June 2022

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