Kenya Kiriga AA

Kenya Kiriga AA

From the Kiriga Estate in the Kiambu region right in the middle of Kenya, part of the Central Highlands. We picked it out and bought it before anyone else had a chance to know about it! It scored 90+ and was one of the best coffees in the entire country this year. Roast it up and eat a bean. The winey flavor pops out and you know you've got something good here. Brew it up and savor the aroma. At first sip there are delicious notes of red wine, blackberry, brown sugar, apricot, a citric acidity, and the classic winey currant full-bodied flavor that good Kenya is known for. The large defect-free AA beans are the SL-28 and SL-34 varietals that the good Kenyas always are.

Roast it about 20 seconds past the end of the 1st cracks. Bright and fruity. Admittedly the end temperature is a little bit finicky. It took us three tries to nail it down. A degree too dark is sweet but not tart, not juicy, not bright. VERY good coffee but we knew it could be better. A degree too light and it was very bright, very tart, extremely complex, but I wanted it sweeter. Third try? mmmmmmmm.......

US Arrival July 2019

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