Kenya Kianjege

An awesome Kenya with full body, red wine, blackberry, lime, floral, dry finish. AA sized beans and an auction lot winner under the Nyeri umbrella which which is the closest thing to Fair Trade that Kenya has right now. It's a blend of SL28- and SL-34 which are the classic Kenyan varieties that you want. This is the late 2014 crop and just came into the US in 10/2014. All Kenya's are very expensive this year, and comparatively to what else is out there, this one is a pretty good deal. You definitely get your money's worth on this one.

I take it about 30 seconds past the end of the 1st cracks. I'd call it a City+ roast. 400 degrees bean temp. The best way I can describe a top grade Kenya like this woudl be comparing it to drinking a nice red wine. Each sip is so full of complexity and flashes of flavor. You just sip at it and feel happy.