Kenya Kiaguthu

Kenya Kiaguthu

Kiaguthu is a mill in Kenya near Mt. Kenya (arguably the best coffee in the country).

I'm not sure what people will think of this one, but it intrigued us, and the more we drink it the more attached to it we are becoming. The big AA sized beans cost a little extra but are well sorted and easy to roast.

If you like it bright and tart, you can get a cranberry (elderberry?) winey flavor by roasting it just briefly past the 1st cracks. Maybe 20-30 seconds past the end. You get that great classic Kenya acidity and slight undertones of peach and grapeftuit. Take it a few degrees darker and you'll tone back the acidity and get fuller body with more of a juicy characteristic and more sweetness but less overall layers of flavors. It's really good both ways, so it's not like you "mess it up" if you don't land it quite right. But just take notes on each roast and keep tweaking it until you get it where you like it.

USA arrival: August 2016

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