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Kenya Karani

Kenya Karani

From the Kabare Farmers Society in the Kirinyaga region. This one has a nice brightness to it and an aroma that smells like a coffee shop. Just immerses you in the world of coffee. The peaks of snow-capped Mt. Kenya are visible and the Ragati River gives the area good scenery.

Roast it light, keep it well out of the 2nd cracks. 25 seconds out of the 1st cracks is the farthest you would want to take it, but we are going a little bit lighter than that. That initial acidity make you expect that it is going to be a nice typical Kenya, but it has some fun flavors that make it special. We are noting tastes of brown sugar and savory herbs in addition to the typical sweet grapefruit in lighter roasts, and a little bit of tropical fruits in slightly darker roasts. It has great classic acidity, lively on your tongue.

US Arrival June 2023

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