Kenya Kamwangi

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This coffee is grown by the Kamwangi Farmers Cooperative who collectively own the Kamwangi Factory for processing their coffee. The varietals in this lot consist of SL-28 and Ruiru 11 varietal coffees. It is in the Kirinyaga Region, which is on the slopes of Mount Kenya, and one the first places we look when we are shopping for the best Kenya lots.

It's a large dense AA sized bean and needs a fair amount of heat. Roast it a degree or so lighter than other Kenya coffees in order to bring out sweet grapefruit, lime, cranberry -- it's a little bit sour but that's on purpose and the complexity is refreshing. About 15 seconds past the end of the cracks is a good target. The aroma of citrus and that initial acidity give it that trademark Kenya character. 

US Arrival: June 2020