Kenya Kamoko AA

Kenya Kamoko AA

Our head of green coffee sourcing, Emmett, went to Kenya this year and picked out a handful of wonderful Kenyan coffees before they hit US soil. He sampled the coffees with La Minita's team, this being one of four Kenyans coffees that we are importing through them this year, and La Minita wouldn't put their name on it unless it was best of the best. The Othaya Farmers' Co-op in central Kenya grows these SL-28 and SL-34 varietal beans and sorted out the large AA beans for this lot, resulting in a 90+ scoring coffee that we snatched up and hoarded as soon as we tasted.

We're roasting it maybe 30-40 seconds past the end of the 1st cracks. It has a nice acidity, tingles and mesmerizes you with peach and mango and tropical fruit flavors, with a winey red grape undertone, and a clean but lingering finish. If it seems a little flat, you got it a degree too dark, and if it seems a little tart, you got it a degree too light, but even if you don't nail the sweet spot, it is good classic Kenya coffee that you won't mind drinking.

US Arrival August 2018

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