Kenya Gachami AA

Gachami is grown by the Baragwi Farmers Cooperative and consists of SL-28, SL-34, and Ruiru 11 varietal coffees. There are about 16,000 farmers involved in the co-op. It is in the Kirinyaga Region.

This coffee reminds me of a sour ale. It's a good sour - not because you roasted it too light, but because it has natural tastes of lime, kiwi, grapefruit, and wine. Do roast it light, keep it well out of the 2nd cracks. 25 seconds out of the 1st cracks is the farthest you would want to take it, but we are going a little bit lighter than that even.

The aroma of fruit and that initial acidity makes it instantly recognizable as a Kenya. We picked it out month's ago as being one of the very best Kenyans of the season, but also because it was so distinct and interesting compared to other options.

US Arrival: July 2019

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