Kenya Chomo

Kenya Chomo

This is from the 2015 "fly crop" which is the smaller, second harvesting of Kenya coffee. These large AA sized beans were packed in grainpro bags for freshness after being picked, and are from the Nyeri region, and arrived in the US in 10/2015. Both the region and Chomo mill have a long-standing reputation of excellence.

It's under the Nyeri umbrella which is the closest thing to Fair Trade that Kenya has right now. We got it through La Minita which wouldn't put their name on it unless it was best of the best. The varietal is the SL-28 and SL-34 which is what you want from Kenya, and the altitude is an impressive 4,000 feet above sea level because it is close to Mt. Kenya.

I'm roasting it 30 seconds past 1st cracks on a drum roaster. 399 degrees bean temp. Slight canned peaches, bright orange, allspice, red wine, and finishes dry and clean. It flashes between tart and sweet and grabs your attention the whole way through. It has a full body, and its complexity of flavor and aroma stays with you after you swallow, reminding you what a fancy coffee you just drank.

However, if you aren't a fan of light roasts, this bean holds up nicely as a medium roast, I would recommend dumping it right before the 2nd cracks start. And it also holds up nicely as a dark roast, I would give it 15-20 seconds into the rolling 2nd cracks for a juicy french roast.

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