Kenya AA

Kenya AA

This is a large lot of Kenya AA beans (unlike all of our other Kenya offerings which are small microlots), but we really liked it and thought it was a good deal. Not a lot of traceability or information on it, since its a variety of farmer's crops blended together; but it doesn't disappoint. In light roasts, we are getting a wild strawberry, juicy, red wine, sweet coffee. A little bit lacking on the acidity and the body (its a little thin), but I've had far less interesting Kenya coffees that cost way more. I take it about 30 seconds past the end of the 1st cracks. I'd call it a City+ roast.

When we tried it a few degrees lighter, it had much more acidity, but wasn't as sweet -- more of a green apple/tangerine undertone on it. And if we take it just into the 2nd cracks we get a deep rich roast with slight fruit -- a little boring but very drinkable.

US Arrival August 2019

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