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Java Washed Sunda Hejo

Java Washed Sunda Hejo

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This coffee comes from a region called Sunda Hejo which is on the western side of the island, where most Java coffee is grown. The "Kingdom of Sunda" is a region originally settled by Sudanese people.

This is a fully washed coffee which makes it taste much cleaner than most Indonesian beans. Most Indonesian coffees are wet-hulled (semi-washed), which is what tends to make them taste so earthy. It has been sorted nicely to a Grade 1 classification.

In a medium roast, it's nice but not particularly memorable. Just at 2nd cracks you have medium body, sweet, smooth, a little chocolate, tart raspberry, nothing wrong here. You can blend with it, or drink it straight. But as a dark roast, it's amazing. About 30 seconds of 2nd cracks and you have a chocolate sweetness and a hazelnut creaminess with a slight tang of fruit. Even though we roast it nearly as dark as a Sumatran bean, it doesn't take smoky or bitter like a Sumatra. The chocolate and nuts make it taste more like a Guatemala, although it has the thick mouthfeel of an Indonesian.

I have found most coffee grown in Java to be boring and simple, but this one is quite enjoyable and flavorful. I highly recommend it if you enjoy medium to dark roast coffee.

US Arrival February 2024