Jamaica Blue Mountain

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee has a long standing reputation as being the finest in the world.  Now, the emphasis is REPUTATION of being the finest in the world.  If you make a french press of Blue Mountain for someone, that is a sure way to impress them.  Gift them half a pound, and they will see you differently.  Pull some out for Christmas dinner, and your guests will be stunned.  It is kind of like driving up to a party in a Porsche.   Some people will disagree with your choice of car and say it was a bad value and say there are better cars out there, but everyone will notice when you drive up, and everyone will be impressed, and everyone will see you differently.  Jamaica Blue Mountain is the Porsche of the coffee world. 

So I've sampled several Jamaican Blue Mountain estates, and they range from ordinary to luxurious. Clydesdale Estate is luxurious and also the only one with Rain Forest Alliance certification, and so that's why we buy this one. If you are going to spend this kind of money on a coffee, you sure don't want ordinary. The beans are big, beautiful and blue. It's perfectly sorted and it shows when you roast it -- very consistent and easy to get right. Look for an even color with the roasted beans.

You want to roast it like a Guatemala. It's a washed process coffee, so you're going to go darker with it than you would with a natural Ethiopia or even a washed Costa Rica.  10-15 seconds of 2nd cracks is the sweet spot. On the lighter end (almost a Colombia profile) you get a citrus, tangy note with slight milk chocolate and medium acidity but a little of the green or under-roasted taste. At the Guatemala roast level (just into 2nd cracks) you have velvety mouthfeel texture, super smooth low acidity, and stronger milk chocolate undertones with notes of apple and walnut. Undeniably good coffee.

Is that to say it's worth paying 5 times more for this than one of my other coffees? Not based on taste and quality alone, but in a situation where you are trying to make a big impression, then it could be worth the price. Depends. Do you need something special for a gift to your boss, or Christmas Dinner?  This will do it.

2018 crop packed in a grainpro bag inside a wooden barrel.  Note that if you want to try just 1/2 a pound, we have that option for this coffee because of the pricepoint. 

US Arrival November 2018