India Veer Attikan Natural

This is the same coffee as the India Veer Attikan, but it is washed, and this one is natural (sun dried). It was sent as a mistake, and this isn't a coffee I would have bought on purpose. But we've never carried a natural India before, and it's interesting to have the same coffee processed two different ways, so I kept it.

You have a few roasting options. At a light roast -- just after the 1st cracks -- it makes a decent mug of coffee. It's similar to a natural Indonesian. It has a fuller body than most naturals, and some fruit -- namely raspberry -- but not a lot of sweetness. We are roasting it darker, 40 seconds into 2nd cracks, and appreciating it as espresso. Can be single origin, or you can blend it with a washed South American bean to balance it out. It has nice crema and a nutty creaminess.