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India Ratnagiri Estate Anaerobic

India Ratnagiri Estate Anaerobic

This is an estate coffee with Rainforest Alliance certification. We met the farmer earlier this year and he was very excited about this coffee. His farm is part of a tiger reserve, and wild tigers roam around his coffee plants. For this particular lot, he performed a Carbonic Maceration process which is an anaerobic process BEFORE the coffee has been either sundried or washed. Normally it's the other way around. THEN the coffee is sundried. It's a process that was learned from wine making.

We found the sweet spot to be just shy of second cracks. About three degrees darker than a washed Costa Rica. About three degrees lighter than a washed Colombia. Roasts lighter than this had too much spice/earthy notes coming out. Roasts darker than this began to taste flat. But pulling the coffee out just shy of second cracks gives you a mug of coffee that is sweet, pomegranate, jammy, cranberry, mild spices, pleasant acidity.

A really fun coffee from an often overlooked origin!

US Arrival: October 2023

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