India Mysore Nuggets

India Mysore Nuggets

First a disclaimer. There are no certified organic Indian coffees, and I’m not sure if this one was grown organically. It probably was based on the fact that is it a high altitude, high quality coffee.

India is an underrated coffee. It is grown right up there near Yemen, near Africa, and has a clean, gentle, nutty taste that you would think would give it more credit in the coffee world. It’s not a dirty-tasting coffee, and actually has a creamy quality, and a sweet grain-like quality.

The first cracks go long. Be sure to pay attention and not accidentally let it out before the cracks end. About 10 seconds after they stop is going to be mild, mellow, creamy, almond. Right around the 2nd cracks you can get even more sweetness and savory, herbal notes, like thyme and sage. This is my favorite roast of it. I sometimes like taking India coffees thirty seconds into the 2nd cracks to eliminate the nutty flavor and get a smoky, full bodied smooth dark roast with aftertaste of spices, but this one is not holding up as well to dark roasts. If you take it dark, only take it ten to fifteen seconds into the 2nd cracks.

It's not as fancy as some of the single estate India offerings that we have had in previous years, but the coffee market pricing is really low right now, and for the pricepoint this one came in at, it's a great deal. Very well sorted beans with few defects, lots of sweetness, and nice complexity of flavor.

Mysore is a city in India, but it is near a hilly region of southern India that grows this coffee. Nuggets is their largest beans, sorted out and sold as such.

US Arrival September 2021



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