India Girijan Co-op

India Girijan Co-op

The Girijan Co-op collectively markets and sell spices, herbs, honey, coffee, and other products cultivated by the Girijan People (the "Mountain People") in the southern hills of India.

India is an underrated coffee. It is grown right up there near Yemen, near Africa, and has a clean, creamy, nutty taste that you would think would give it more credit in the coffee world. This one has a subtle spiciness to it, with cinnamon and  hazelnuts. It’s not a dirty-tasting coffee, and has a creamy quality, and a sweet grain-like quality to it. India coffee beans tend to resemble a combination of Chai tea and coffee. What else would you expect from India? They grow coffee alongside their spices.

I tend to let it out right before the second cracks where I get a sweet nutty note, or even better I give it 30 seconds into the 2nd cracks and pull it out as a dark roast which is the the best way to pull out the spicy flavors. Think clove and cinnamon paired with the bold coffee taste.

All in all, it is a versatile and forgiving bean to roast.

US Arrival September 2019

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