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India Eastern Ghats

India Eastern Ghats

India is an underrated coffee. It is grown right up there near Yemen, near Africa, and has a clean, creamy, nutty taste that you would think would give it more credit in the coffee world. This one has a great spiciness to it, and the aroma reminds me of nutmeg, the initial taste of hazelnuts and that factor where as soon as you've finish your mug you are looking forward to the next time that you get to brew it again. It’s not a dirty-tasting coffee, and has a creamy quality, and a sweet grain-like quality to it. A friend remarked it reminded her of a combination of Chai tea and coffee. What else would you expect from India? They grow coffee alongside their spices.

This is a well sorted flatbean from the Shevaroy Hills (part of the Eastern Ghats mountain range) which is one of the best places in India for growing coffee.

I tend to let it out either right before the second cracks where I get a chocolate note with a muddied nuttiness, or else 40 seconds into the 2nd cracks where it pulls out more of the spicy undertones (cardamom, white pepper, nutmeg) 430 degree bean temperature seems to be the sweet spot on our roaster, but it is drinkable at both extremes. A light roast just out of the 1st cracks is not grassy or raw, but also is a little boring and straightforward with more of a grain-like taste and less of the spice flavors. A dark roast well into 2nd cracks does have a lot of "roast" taste but isn't overly burnt tasting. Has a nice balance of dark coffee flavor with spice and mineral flavors. At this roast level it is even better as espresso than coffee, pulling a shot that is sweet with lots of crema.

It seems to be a versatile and forgiving bean to roast.

US Arrival October 2022

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