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Central American

Honduras Marcala

Honduras Marcala

From the RAOS co-op, a certified organic, fair trade coffee grown under shade trees at high altitude by 200 farmers in the southern part of Honduras near La Paz.

This is an above-average washed process Honduras. It's not microlot quality, but it is nicer than standard Honduras. It's right in the middle. The milk chocolate, creamy, buttery, smoothness that Honduras is known for is all here. In very light roasts you’ll find a sweet lemon walnut, and right before the 2nd cracks is my personal favorite — just a normal, creamy-smooth traditional clean cup of coffee with slight hint of floral pear. You can take it into the 2nd cracks where it’s bold and rich but not charcoal (in thanks to the high altitude it’s grown at) Take it darker yet and it makes reasonably good French Roast, though I would suggest a Peru works better if you have one on hand.

Honduras coffee is a great value. For people who are tired of experimenting with exotic, complex coffees, this one is for you. This is the 2019 crop, arrived in the US port in late May. Honduras does not keep as well as most coffees, and you don't want to hold on to this for more than 6 months. These greens will be fresh until at least November, but don't push it.

US Arrival May 2019

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