Honduras Juan Antonio

Honduras Juan Antonio

This is a microlot of washed-process coffee from a Honduras farmer which is part of the COMSA Fair Trade Organic co-op. We bought his crop because it won an award as being one of the best washed coffees that the co-op grew this year. In very light roasts you’ll find a tangerine, lime, bright, tart light roast; but my personal favorite is about half way to the 2nd cracks — this is where you find the milk chocolatey, creamy, buttery, smoothness that Honduras is known for, but with hints of juicy red apple and orange, and a tangy character that makes it interesting to drink. You can take to the 2nd cracks, but it loses its character and just becomes a central american flat coffee. After that it turns into ashy tastes pretty quickly.

One of my favorite things about this coffee is the varietal, called Parainema. Its a really long, slightly twisted bean, and you'll definitely notice how large these coffee beans are. 

World Coffee Research did a whole write-up on the varietal; https://varieties.worldcoffeeresearch.org/varieties/parainema

Unroasted Honduran beans often do not store as well as most coffees. Potentially this lot will hold up longer because it was processed with such care and attention, packed in a grainpro bag, and were high quality beans to start with, but the typical rule of thumb is to roast Honduras coffee within 6 months.

US Arrival September 2019