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Central American

Honduras El Plan Parainema Natural

Honduras El Plan Parainema Natural

Producer Edwin Sabillon of the El Plan farm grew just a couple bags of this varietal called Parainema! It is a really long slender coffee bean, and it seems to only grow well in Honduras. It's not well known, but it's fairly disease resistant and reasonably easy to grow, and it is starting to gain traction among farmers there. The taste profile is quite distinct, characterized by strong floral and citrus flavor.

We like it quite a bit -- it has all the markings of a special coffee, and is particularly complex considering that it is a Honduran export, and the long slender beans are incredible to see.

I roast this like a natural Central American. A little darker than a natural Ethiopia but only by a couple degrees. Maybe 30 seconds out of the 1st cracks. I'm getting an intensely grapefruit and floral flavor with bright acidity and creamy finish. It's also a great espresso but very sour and bright, but intensely grapefruit -- like drinking grapefruit juice!  Maybe you could roast it a little bit darker and tone it down for espresso but I didn't try that. 

US Arrival June 2023

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