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Central American

Honduras Washed Cual Bicicleta

Honduras Washed Cual Bicicleta

This is a microlot from the Cual Bicicleta estate which is part of the COMSA Fair Trade Organic co-op. The farmer's name is Oscar Omar Alonzo and we try to purchase his coffee every year. This is the 7th year we've bought it, and we also bought his son's coffee this year, Pedro Turcio.

In very light roasts you’ll find a lemon, peach, strawberry, tart light roast; but my personal favorite is heading towards the verge of 2nd cracks — this is where you find the creamy, buttery, smoothness that Honduras is known for, but with juicy apple and sweet tangy character that makes it interesting to drink. You can take it into the 2nd cracks, but it loses its character and just becomes a central american dark roast coffee.

US Arrival July 2023

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