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Central American

Honduras COMSA Natural

Honduras COMSA Natural

The FTO COMSA Marcala co-op produced a full 300 bag lot of natural sundried coffee this year. This coffee stands out from other Honduras coffee because instead of being mechanically washed, it is a dry process (natural) microlot that was sundried on a patio and hand-processed -- this is unusual for Honduran coffee. It is certified fair trade and organic and packed in a GrainPro bag at origin to preserve absolute freshness.

It tastes and acts NOTHING like a washed Honduras. It reminds me of a natural processed Indonesian coffee (if you've had the Sumatra Wahana or Bali Kintamani coffee, this is along those lines).

Because it is a natural process coffee, it needs to be given a light roast. It was grown at an altitude just under 5,000 feet. I roast it slightly darker than an Ethiopian Natural coffee. At this roast level it has a pleasant acidity and a lot of sweetness coupled with savory notes. The most prominent flavor is watermelon. It is juicy with flavors ranging from pine nuts, grain, tomato, chocolate, and strawberry. It is smooth, with very little earthiness, and sweet pleasant brown sugar aftertaste. At slightly darker roasts, it makes a great shot of espresso or aeropress brew (not quite into 2nd cracks).

This coffee can be confusing to roast, because the first cracks start later and end later than you would expect them to. WE END THE ROAST WHILE IT IS STILL IN THE FIRST CRACKS! You would never do this with any other coffee, but that's how this one rolls. Go by temperature and not cracks if possible.

This is our seventh year carrying this coffee, and it's pretty consistent with previous years, so if you liked it (or didn't like it) before, expect similar results this year!

US arrival: May 2023

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