High Mountain (Taiwan)

High Mountain (Taiwan)

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We've brought this one in special for the holidays!

"High Mountain Tea" only applies to the Taiwan oolongs grown at 3280 feet and higher on the mountain ranges of Shan Lin Xi, Ali Shan, and Lishan. This one was grown on Ali Shan which was just developed as a tea growing region in the past decade, but overlooks forests that are thousands of years old. At this altitude, the mountains are covered in mist in the mornings and evenings, so the tea bushes have a low exposure of the sun's rays, which produces a sweet flavor.

The unassuming tea drinker may not notice what makes this tea so special and expensive, but if approached properly, it is one of the best teas money can buy. You want to have no distractions around you. Drink it in silence. Make sure your water isn't hotter than 185 degrees so that you don't scald it. Breathe in the aroma -- floral and fresh and spring-like. Then think about the mouthfeel -- creamy, buttery. Then think about the flavor -- brown sugar, floral, cream. When you think about pulling a leaf off of a bush and putting hot water over it and drinking the water, it's amazing how much flavor that water has. And what emotions it pours into you. Relaxation. Ambition. Inspiration. It is a secret treasure to unlock for the tea drinker who purposely seeks it.

The tea is a stem with a bud and leaves which unfold when steeped during successive infusions.

This is particularly enjoyable if you use a clear French press or teapot so you can watch the process.

Tasting Notes: Silky Smooth, Rich Body, Sweet and Creamy

Steep: 2 tsp of tea for 8oz water. Water temperature: 185. Steep time 3 minutes. The tea leaves are good for 3 or 4 steepings -- when your mug is empty, reuse the tea leaves to brew some more! Sweetener: Not recommended

Approximately 10 tsp in a 1 ounce package.