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Haiti Dondon

Haiti Dondon

Dominican Republic and Haiti share the same island, but on Haiti's side they are 10 times more likely to be in poverty and 10 times more likely to be unemployed. In fact, as of this week (March 2024), gangs are trying to overthrow the government, 4000 inmates just escaped jail, the airport has been shutdown, kidnappings are common, it's a really bad situation. We paid 300% over Fair Trade pricing for this coffee to try to give hope to the farmers trying to make an honest living and start growing the industry as a legitimate export for Haiti.

I've only had Haitian coffee maybe 4 times ever, and it was 4 very bad experiences. This is by the far the best Haitian coffee I've ever had, and that means it's mediocre. But compared to the other ones I've had, it's incredibly hopeful! I'm pretty sure the one pre-ground bag I had was half coffee and half top soil. To get this coffee, with the beans washed with clean water, sorted appropriately, looking decent, tasting decent. Oh, they are so close to making it. Plus the farmers brought over seeds from Jamaica and planted Jamaica Blue Mountain plants here, so they've got that going for them too.

Obviously their coffee does not have high demand in the USA. We're sending it out roasted to subscribers this week, and have one extra bag to sell unroasted. It's best a medium roast or close to medium. It holds up okay as a dark roast but isn't anything special. In medium roasts, there's some nuttiness and sweetness, some rooty flavor (anise? sarsaparilla?) a buttery mouthfeel, and only about 5% top soil.

So we roast it about like a Colombia. Not quite into the 2nd cracks (although you could if you wanted).

Blue Mountain varietal, 3900 feet above sea level, in the town of Savane Zombi in the region of Dondon

US Arrival July 2023

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