Guatemala Santa Rosa Santa Isabel

Guatemala Santa Rosa Santa Isabel

The Santa Isabel estate is one of the most respected and consciencious estates in Guatemala. They are in the Santa Rosa region, are completely organic, and even have a protected nature reserve on their farm. The coffee estate has been in the family for 4 generations, and quality and experimentation is their never-ending quest.

My buyer visited the farm and assured us that it is as responsible and amazing as we thought. He is fluent in English, so we have been able to communicate directly with him.

We have been on a waiting list for his main washed crop for several years, and this year we finally got the call asking how much we wanted to buy, and we jumped on it. Unfortunately, he had a bad year. His farm is fighting the coffee rust disease, and these beans don't have the sweetness that we were expecting. Normally, you would roast this like a Huehuetenango and take it just maybe 10 seconds into 2nd cracks, but on this one, I would suggest ending the roast just BEFORE 2nd cracks. You get some cocoa flavor and nuttiness, and really nice body. But you also get some earthiness, which I wasn't expecting or wanting in this coffee.

So for us, it's a good coffee to blend with. Putting it with an Indonesian bean completely covers up the earthiness. You can also roast it like a French Roast for a nice organic dark roast, but you'll probably put a little cream in it when you serve it to cover the bitterness/earthiness. It's still specialty coffee, it's still above average of most coffees, but it just isn't what we were expecting -- he didn't hit a home run this year.

US arrival July 2018