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Central American

Guatemala Natural Huehuetenango

Guatemala Natural Huehuetenango

Natural processed coffee out of Guatemala is not something you're likely to find very often, so when this one came on the market, I had to  grab it. 

I really can't say enough good things about this coffee. It's excellent espresso, with a bread and savory note, lots of crema, chocolate, raspberry tartness on the edges of the tongue. You generally want to roast this bean light, like you would most Dry Process coffees, but the body holds up even in light roasts and the bread and chocolate tones are most apparent and it's quite smooth. You also will notice some vanilla, and some fruit notes. If you get it a little too dark, you start noticing a campfire smoky flavor that distracts from the sweet fruit.

As coffee, it's really good but you have to frame your mind correctly. It's not an Ethiopia. It's not a typical Guatemala. It's not a typical natural process bean. It's in its own category, a coffee without defects, but full body, bread-like notes, pleasant tartness, mild acidity, chocolate.

US arrival July 2022

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