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Central American

Guatemala Huehuetenango Union Cantinil

Guatemala Huehuetenango Union Cantinil

The farming region of Huehuetenango (pronounced way-way-tenango) has greatly improved quality over the past decade, slowly overtaking the more famous Antigua region in popularity and demand. The region borders the Mexican Chiapas mountain range, so it’s grown at higher elevations than any other region in Guatemala. Huehuetenango coffees tend to have chocolate and citrus undertones, and many of them suffer from a thinner body, but we always sample a lot of them until we find ones with creamy, thick body mouthfeel to go with the cocoa notes.

I am especially fond of this one at Full City+, taking it 10 seconds into the second cracks for a smooth, low acidity coffee with milk chocolate, slight orange, and a sweet aftertaste reminiscient of almonds. Light to medium roasts are not usually my recommendation for a Guatemala Huehuetenango, but this one is surprisingly nice as a lighter roast. If you roast it light, you can expect a lot of brightness, and flavors of flowers and citrus and milk chocolate with medium acidity.

Union Cantinil is a municipality located in the Huehuetenango department of Guatemala. There are 76 organically certified small producers involved in this particular coffee.

Huehuetenangos are SMOOTH, sweet, and quite satisfying. Year round, it is one of our best sellers.

USA Arrival June 2021

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