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Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca El Rincon

Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca El Rincon

The farming region of Huehuetenango (pronounced way-way-tenango) has greatly improved quality over the past decade, making it one of our favorite regions in the country. The region borders the Mexican Chiapas mountain range, so it’s grown at higher elevations than any other region in Guatemala. 

Finca El Rincon is rainforest alliance certified and grows bourbon and caturra varietals at 5000 feet altitude. The land was purchased in 1958 in an area known as La Libertad. It started winning awards for its coffee in 1984, and today the farm is run by the third generation, a grandson by the name of Renardo Ovalle.

These beans are big and dense and take a lot of heat. The sweet spot is just into 2nd cracks, Full City+, (about 10 seconds into the second cracks) for a medium acidity, thick creamy mouthfeel and a chocolate taste. I really like the mouthfeel on this one, because it's not as thin as other Guatemala coffees I've tasted at this roast level. It doesn't have a lot of sweetness, but it has a really rich chocolate flavor and aftertaste. The only thing with this roast level is just a hint of bitterness at the finish. If you're getting too much bitterness, take it just a little bit lighter, and then you get less chocolate but you do get more sweetness. 

If you think you don’t like Guatemalan coffee because of their tendency to be harsh, this one might change your mind. They are smooth and flavorful. Huehuetenangos are right up there with Atitlan and Acatenango coffees. Year round, it is one of our best sellers.

USA Arrival June 2023

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