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Guatemala Atitlan Honey

Guatemala Atitlan Honey

The coffee farm looks out on the shimmering beautiful Lake Atitlan from the surrounding mountains and is one of the most respected areas in Guatemala for growing coffee. 

They process a very small amount of Honey Processed (Pulped-Natural) coffee each year, and it's very hard to obtain. Honey processed coffee out of Guatemala is not something you're likely to find very often anyway, but this one makes me wish it was a more common practice. This particular is lot is a blend of two varietals, Villa Sarchi and Bourbon coffee, grown at around 4500 feet altitude.

You want to roast this bean light, like you would most honey coffees. They need a lot of air flow and gradual heat and and temperature not too far out of the first cracks. The coffee has a silky soft mouthfeel and the taste of milk chocolate and brown sugar make it delicious. There's not really any fruit flavors here, and not really any acidity. It's a gentle, sweet, chocolatey mug of coffee that is very drinkable.  lf you want to make espresso out of it, it's worth going at least a few degrees darker. We've grown attached to it as espresso and are drinking it that way here at the shop and putting it in our espresso blends.

US arrival October 2020

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