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Central American

Guatemala Beatriz

Guatemala Beatriz

Guatemala has many coffee producing regions that have gained a positive and well known reputation in the industry. Beatriz Estate is in a region known as Santa Rosa. It is ideal for coffee cultivation due to rich lava soil from surrounding volcanoes. The climate allows the coffee to mature slowly, which is said to concentrate the coffee beans flavors. The coffee grown in the Santa Rosa region often boasts a slightly fruity/cherry mug with prominently chocolate notes.

When I roast it 10 seconds past the first snap of the 2nd cracks, I get a really smooth, sweet, cherry, chocolate flavor, and it is very pleasant to drink. There's a little bit of a tangy fruit note that I'm not usually expecting from Guatemala, but it's really good coffee.  Nice body, nice aroma, nice aftertaste, good chocolate notes. I wouldn't roast it much darker than this as it starts to turn bitter, but you can get away with roasting it a few degrees lighter and pulling out more flavors that start to taste fruity and less chocolatey (cherry, citrus). 

US Arrival May 2021

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