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Central American

Guatemala Ayarza

Guatemala Ayarza

Ayarza is a region south of Huehuetenango and we don't often see coffee offerings from there, but this one producer Francisco Najera is passionate about his coffee and really impressed us with his harvest. He's 30 years old with two children and has been working in coffee for 15 years. He grows his coffee on a volcanic lake known as Laguna Azul and the lake is full of legends. Supposedly it is so deep that no one has ever found the bottom.  Supposedly the mermaids in the lake take one male swimmer every year.  Supposedly there is a white rock of a petrified woman who didn't obey Jesus. You get the idea. This is a wild remote legendary land and has the potential for great coffee which Francisco has tapped into.  

I like it as a medium roast where we take it just to the verge of 2nd cracks (a few snaps in) and get lots of caramel and some nuttiness (macadamia nut?) and a lot of sweetness with a great aftertaste. It's full bodied and really drinkable.

USA Arrival November 2020

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