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Central American

Guatemala Antigua Peaberry

Guatemala Antigua Peaberry

This coffee is branded as La Flor del Cafe and is a brand sold by La Minita. They send their quality control team from Costa Rica up to Guatemala to oversee the sorting and processing of the best lots of Antigua coffee that they can find from small farms. Then they brand it La Flor del Cafe and sell it alongside their Costa Rica coffees. Usually they buy the flatbeans, but this year they had a few bags of peaberry, and I thought that was fun.

The coffee is a classic Antigua. I roast it not quite to the 2nd cracks and it has notes of flowers, milk chocolate, and lemon. The bright acidity and citrus usually associated with this region does not disappoint. The coffee is incredibly aromatic and has several layers of complexity in the taste. If you do take it just barely to the 2nd cracks, you can enjoy smoky chocolate notes and butterscotch or rum. In the lighter roasts, there is not any bitterness, but as you progressively roast it darker, you will start to find a little bitterness in the aftertaste, more like a baker's cocoa instead of milk chocolate. It's a classic Antigua but in a nicely sorted peaberry option.

USA arrival: Sept 2021

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