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Central American

Guatemala Antigua La Flor del Cafe

Guatemala Antigua La Flor del Cafe

From Finca La Flor del Cafe (Coffee Flowers Estate) in the Antigua region, one of the most famous regions in Guatemala, but also in the world. The coffee commands such demand and price premium, that a certification process was set up for "Genuine Antigua" to stop coffee from fraudulently being labeled as Antigua when it wasn't grown there. 

This one has the classic milk chocolate, floral, citrus, bright attributes of a high quality Antigua. I roast it very different than a Huehuetenango region coffee. A good Antigua should be roasted light to medium. I would recommend that you NOT take it into the second cracks. Antigua is perhaps the most famous coffee growing region in the country and has a great reputation all over the world for its coffee. Antigua is near the center of the country, just outside the capital of Guatemala City.

I aim for a middle ground right between the first and second cracks, but a little closer to 2nds than 1sts. So on my drum roaster, I'm taking it about 60 seconds past the end of the 1st cracks - a few degrees darker than a Costa Rica Washed coffee, but very similar to that. I'm also roasting it like a Kenya, meaning that I hurry through the middle part of the roast in order to give it extra acidity.

Milk chocolate creamy, floral, lemongrass, jasmine, walnut, clean.

US Arrival July 2023

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