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Central American

Guatemala Acatenango

Guatemala Acatenango

Although the growing region of Huehuetenango is a big thing in the coffee market right now, other regions of highland Guatemala definitely are up to the challenge. Acatenango (aw-kaw-tin-ang-o) is a volcano that also gives its name to a municipality in the department of Chimaltenango, near Antigua; coffee grown in this area has a particularly strong reputation for cocoa notes. This one is RainForestAlliance certified farm-direct from Finca San Diego Buena Vista and is entirely the Bourbon varietal, which is arguably Guatemalas finest bean (aside from the very expensive Pacamara and Geisha varietals)

I am especially fond of this at Full City+, taking it just 5-10 seconds into the second cracks for a smooth dark chocolate undertone, creamy almond, and a toasty bitter baker's cocoa bite at the end that is remarkably satisfying. Just at the 2nd cracks, there is none of the brightness, citrus, or floral tones that many Guatemalan coffees are noted for -- but rather it is smooth and chocolatey. Light to medium roasts are not my recommendation for this Guatemala, as it tastes a bit "green" until you near the 2nd cracks.

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