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Gluten Free Granola Bar

Gluten Free Granola Bar

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We've been working with a non-profit distributor that provides clean drinking water to villages in India and Africa.

One of their products that they use to raise money is a gluten-free granola bar. It's 285 calories and deliciously sweet and sticky and satisfying. Yes, most granola bars don't have ingredients with gluten in them, but oats are notoriously known for cross contamination with wheat, and when you have a wheat allergy you have to be really careful about oats. These oats are safe, whether you have a wheat allergy or whether you don't. Anyone can eat these.

And they are basically lunch in a healthy, good for you granola bar form. If you're even slightly curious you should try one. They're really good! Almost like a piece of jerky where it really sticky and chewy so you just keep chewing at it and it makes it satisfying.