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Flores Island Washed

Flores Island Washed

Flores (Floor-ess) is an Indonesian island that has a few years under its belt now for exporting a specialty coffee and is starting to get a name for itself on the map and have bigger production.  While traditionally they have always used a wet-hulled process, this lot is a washed process coffee, giving it the cleaner and more complex character with thick body, smooth low acidity, and only slight earthiness. 

I do like it as both a medium roast (just into 2nd cracks) and also as a dark roast (20 seconds of 2nd cracks), but mostly I've been drinking it as a medium roast because I can. When you take it dark, it tastes like a regular Flores coffee, but when you take it lighter you get the tobacco and brown sugar and sweet nut flavor that Flores is known for, but without quite as much murkiness and earthy notes that wet-hulled Flores usually has.

USA Arrival March 2024

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