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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Worka Anaerobic

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Worka Anaerobic

This is a natural (Dry processed) Yirgacheffe co-op coffee with Fair Trade and Organic certification and processed at the Worka mill which has a high reputation. The co-op is part of the YCFCU cooperative and operates in the Gedeo zone within the Yirgacheffe region.

This is a natural anaerobic process which means it was first sundried to bring out lots of fruit and sweetness, and then put in an anaerobic fermentation tank to bring out acidity and spice notes. It has excellent blueberry and jammy taste, but with a lot of acidity and hints of cinnamon. 

Roast this like you would any other natural process Ethiopia, if anything err on the lighter end of things. It's as light of a roast as anything we do here.

USA Arrival June 2023

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