Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural Bedhatu Jibicho

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural Bedhatu Jibicho

This Grade 1 natural process Ethiopia is from the famous Yirgacheffe region and is grown by female farmer named Bedhatu Jibicho. She consistently grows a desirable crop of coffee and has built up a name for herself.  Her farm is in the Gedeb district which is like a micro-region within Yirgacheffe.

As with any natural Ethiopia, you want to keep this coffee very lightly roasted. Twenty seconds after the 1st cracks have mostly stopped is our sweet spot, but the cracks won't have completely stopped. It's likely that you'll still hear some cracks in the cooling tray after you let it out.  It's very forgiving to roast and tastes good even if you stall out the roast or don't let it out of the roaster at exactly the right time. We are noting a milky cream taste and fruits such as banana, melon, strawberry, and overall a lot of sweetness.

US Arrival July 2020

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