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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe IDIDO Washed

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe IDIDO Washed

IDIDO is an FTO co-op with a long history of producing legendary coffees (their mill used to be known as Misty Valley), and this 2017 crop was packed in grainpro bags to seal in and preserve freshness. What stands this lot apart is the sweet peach undertone in addition to the floral aroma and pleasant citrus brightness. A real show-stopper. I pretty much always prefer natural Ethiopians over washed Ethiopians, but when we put the natural and washed Misty Valleys side by side this year, it's a close call. Washed coffees are less finicky to roast and tend to have more body (creamier mouthfeel). But they tend to have less complexity and muted flavor compared to their natural counterparts. In this case, the washed process Misty Valley has just as much complexity, maybe slightly less sweetness and slightly less acidity...but thicker body and great aftertaste. A similar taste profile in both of them. It's always fun to have the same bean with different processing, because in most cases there's a pretty big difference in the results; but in this case there isn't all that much difference. You're going to be happy with either one.

Of course it's good hot, but it also makes wonderful iced coffee and cold-brew. Best when roasted light, I follow the same profile as a Harrar, although being a washed process coffee, this Yirg takes just a little more heat to keep up with that roasting curve, and you have the option of dark roasting it if that's your thing. My goal is about 30 seconds darker than the natural processed beans.

US Arrival: September 2017

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